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Are there any subscription fees for membership?

Absolutely not. All funding to maintain the site will be obtained from the sales of products from our shops.

Clothing and accessories may be purchased from RedBubble, our Spreadshop and mugs from our own small design studio here in Northern Ireland.

For more details, check out "Can I combine mugs and clothing on the same order?" on this FAQ page.

Why start the website?

Late in 2019, walking around talking to the good people of my local town here in Northern Ireland, it became apparent that more and more are waking up to the incredible scam that is being perpetrated. Not just on the people of Ireland and the UK, but on the people of the world. Covid-19 is a false flag event which puts 9/11 to shame. It is 9/11 on steroids.

I am not saying Covid-19 is not real, I do believe it is. But nowhere near the scale it is being claimed by the Governments of the world. A hidden agenda is at play, with dire consequences if we don’t do something about it.

Time is getting short. We outweigh, in terms of numbers, those who are controlling the situation by a vast margin. That is a fact. Unfortunately, the majority of the people currently either don’t know they are being scammed or don’t care. This needs to be redressed.

Who is this site for?

I have aimed this website initially at those who are beginning to question what is going on. Why so many of these ‘regulations’ don’t make sense. Why the Government appears to be clueless (but in reality they know exactly what they are doing). However I will be continually expanding the resource section going further down the rabbit hole, for those with the curiosity to follow.

And once you start to connect the dots, and realise just how many events and actors (and I don’t just mean movie ‘stars’) on the world’s stage are so interconnected, it will blow your mind.

I’m not preaching what is right from wrong. I am merely presenting hard facts with my own personal opinions. My mantra from the day I started looking, nearly 20 years ago now, into what has been going on behind the curtains for centuries has always been the same. Don’t just believe me, do your own research. I do not wish to portray myself as an expert, I’m not. I just want to offer alternative views to the propaganda being continually pushed out by the Mainstream Media (MSM) such as the BBC, ITV/UTV, Sky etc.

You won’t find the information presented here on the MSM because they are owned by the people perpetrating the scam.

Why is there a Facebook Page?

I set up a Facebook Page for We Are The 99% as a means to spread awareness about the site. With the nature of the topics posted on Facebook it is inevitable that the account may well be shut down, so I would encourage everyone to sign up for our Community Forum.

Not only will the Forum provide a backup should censorship increase on Facebook, not only for Pages such as this, but for individuals posting viewpoints which do not agree with the government narratives, I hope it will become a viable alternative right now, as free speech is becoming a thing of the past. 

The Forum is currently open to view by anyone, but you will need to register as a User in order to comment or create new topics for discussion.

Why are your videos not on YouTube?

With the amount of YouTube channels being taken down currently for simply voicing free speech, and an alternative viewpoint to the mainstream media narrative, I decided spending time on YouTube would have been counter-productive.

Therefore I decided to work with both BrandNewTube and LBRY, which currently do not seem to be as censor-happy. Time will tell.

Why are you selling merchandise on the site?

The merchandise has a dual purpose.

Lots of people have been asking for T-shirts along the lines of those provided here, and the use of Spreadshirt allows me to easily expand the range to hoodies and other accessories.

Also the revenue provided will enable me to keep the site going, in terms of hosting fees, software required to maintain the site, including most of the advanced features of the Forum, all of which require funding on a monthly/annual basis.

None of these costs are covered by any subscription fees for members, as membership is totally free, nor do I want to introduce an income from paid advertising on the site.

Can I combine mugs and clothing on the same order?

At present most mugs are produced in-house by myself, therefore orders are processed, printed, and sent out via Royal Mail second class parcel post (unless otherwise by prior arrangement).

All clothing orders (including accessories) in our Spreadshop are processed, printed and shipped out by Spreadshirt, and likewise via Redbubble through our Redbubble store.

There are mugs/drinkware products included in the Spreadshop and RedBubble stores, but they are separate from those I produce myself.

This arrangement has been chosen to provide the best possible range of products at affordable prices, based upon uncertainties in certain countries worldwide, shipping times and costs.

Shipping charges for mugs

Shipping charges for our in-house mugs are added at the current rate for the Royal Mail, 2nd Class service (3 working days, untracked) at the checkout.

Charges vary whether shipping is to UK (including Northern Ireland) or to the Republic Of Ireland.

Charges are calculated by weight and not by item, by using this method you will be charged an accurate amount should you purchase more than one item.

Have a question not covered here?

Drop me a line via the Contact page.

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