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Many doctors have come out and spoken against the Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ (see ‘The Vaccine – Or Is It?).

Unfortunately, they have been heavily censored by the big tech companies who are providing cover for the big pharmaceutical companies, as are the mainstream media (MSM) outlets such as the BBC, Sky et al.

Below are a selection of documentaries focussing on the overall safety of vaccines in general. Have a watch and come to your own conclusions.

Also, a list of doctors and a selection of accompanying interviews or articles. I am in the process of uploading to my BrandNewTube and LBRY channels in the hope they will remain available for longer, but this is time consuming so please bear with me. Not all of the content is directly related to Covid-19, but discusses previous situations with Aids, Sars, and the links to Autism via the MMR vaccine.

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