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  • Weekly Covid-19 Death Rates 2020 In Northern Ireland

    The table below is taken from the website of the Northern Ireland Statistics And Research Agency (NISRA). The yellow portion at the bottom is where the totals for each column have been added.

    This information is still on their website (January 2021), via this link where it can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet with additional data. Alternatively I have made a pdf available via this link.

    NISRA are updating their figures on a weekly basis. The stats presented below relate purely to the calendar year 2020.

    Let’s just look at the totals again. Bearing in mind this is supposed to be a pandemic, 1,830 people lost their lives where Covid-19 was present. Note they say ‘with’ Covid-19 and not ‘of’ Covid-19. Subtle wording but a massive difference.

    Even so, 1,830 deaths from a population of 1.885 million (latest figure from 2019) gives a death rate of 0.1%.

    Additionally there is mounting evidence that the PCR test used to diagnose cases is not fit for purpose, and produces a high percentage of false positives.

    Weekly Covid-19 Death Rates 2020 In Northern Ireland

    All information below from NISRA January 2021

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