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  • Covid-19

    The primary aim of this website is to raise awareness of the global plannedemic masquerading as Covid-19.

    At the time of writing in June 2021, I am still making use of the Facebook Page to reach out, although how long that will survive is anyone’s guess. Therefore I would recommend that if you are interested in my work then please bookmark this website, join the community and subscribe to my mailing list.

    I have compiled as much data as possible from government websites, World Health Organisation (WHO), Centres For Disease Control (CDC) and other Non Government Organisations (NGOs) (allegedly non-profit but affiliated to governments around the world) in order to show information ‘from the horses’ mouth.

    I will be continuously adding additional information as and when if becomes available.

    Dr Vernon Coleman

    Dr Vernon Coleman has described Covid-19 as “The Greatest Hoax In History”. He has collated numerous scripts from his YouTube videos (which of course YouTube chose to remove) along with some relevant articles from his website www.vernoncoleman.comHis invaluable work can now be found on his BrandNewTube channel.

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